Solar Installation

Having installed many types of solar mounting over the past decade, we now only offer one perfected system, manufactured ONLY for us!

The Telescopic Rod Tilt System.

We use the very best components and fit Victron solar controllers with bluetooth connectivity, allowing access to instant and historical data. If understanding technical data is a little out of your comfort zone, we can supply the support you need if you just send us a quick screenshot through the app.


  • Can point to both port and starboard
  • Withstands high winds
  • Save space with no gaps between panels
  • Low air draft with no protruding brackets
  • Panels hug tight to the roof when flat
  • Panels stay perfectly in line when tilted up or down

Choosing your system

Typically, when choosing the size of your array, a modern narrowboat requires at least 800w of solar to produce enough energy on a sunny day – but as we can’t rely on our British weather bringing bright sunny days, more panels can provide the security you need. The only limit is roof space. We recommend 2-3 400w panels is a good fit for a narrowboat, with 4-6 panels for a wide beam craft.


Narrowboat Rooftop Solar


We can fit our system with or without the tilt rods, which are used between November to March, and only then if the boat can be facing south to the port or starboard side.

The high tilt on our system can achieve 4-5 times the yield during winter and then stay flat in the summer.


Narrowboat Solar

Making solar fit your boat

Most boats were not built with solar in mind, so when it comes to fitting large solar panels on a boat roof, we have the experience to make it happen.

Centre ties

Sometimes the centre line tie may be in the way but we can fit new ties to the port and starboard, giving room for solar. These also make it easier to tie the lines when mooring.

Roof exit box

PRO Electrical’s own roof exit box, allows us to hide cable routes in the ceiling so that this is all you see.

Roof vents

We change the standard tall mushroom vents to shallow stainless steel vents so the panels can sit over the top and still hug the roof tight.

Pole racks

Quite often boats will have a wielded-on plank/pole rack. We can cut these off and fit a new bolt-down rack in a better location.