Fully Fitted Electrical Cabinets

In our specialist workshop, we create and build cabinets that are a drop-in-solution for sail-away self-build boats. As soon as the shell of the boat arrives from the builder, we can deliver the cabinet, connect it to the alternator, and fit the solar panels to the roof. Leaving the self-builder with power and even Wi-Fi internet, ready to start building the internal fixtures around it.

It’s also the perfect solution for self builders who want to do the domestic electricals on their boat themselves, whilst still having the reassurance that the main complex power system is properly installed. They can simply wire all the internal circuits back to the battery as and when needed.

Your cabinet can include:


  • THE BOAT BATTERY, any configuration
  • The Victron Inverter
  • The Victron Cerbo GX with touchscreen monitoring
  • The Victron Solar Controller
  • Internet Router
  • AC and DC fuse panels and switching
  • Main power shut down button
  • Boost button for the hot water or hot water solar dump, so unused solar energy is put towards heating the water calorfier
  • Internal cabinet lighting
  • 240v power outlet with USB sockets